Carrollton-Farmers Branch School Board Trustee

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Technological Literacy

Right now we're facing a crisis in the American job force: We have many jobs for developers and computer scientists, but not enough people to fill them. We're importing workers and outsourcing jobs as a result. In order to make our students more competitive, we need to introduce coding earlier in our curriculum. Coding has entered many of our professions, and is likely to enter more as we spend more of our lives online. If we want our kids to be competitive, we need to acknowledge this and introduce basic coding as early as elementary school.

Fact Based Education

Despite the proclamations from the State Board of Education, Texas schools have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to choosing textbooks. As a school board member I will ensure that our curriculum emphasizes facts. Students will not learn that Moses was a founding father. Students will not learn that slavery was a 250 year vacation in the South. 

More Movement and Recess

Children need to move around. It's a fact. The more they move, the happier, healthier, and more attentive they are. I want to not only allow the younger kids to have more frequent recesses throughout the day, but I'd also like to allow kids to stand or sit on yoga balls while completing their work. 

Commitment to Vocational Training

Not all students want or need 4-year degrees. I am committed to supporting programs that support student achievement in vocational and college-track pursuits.

Responsive to Today's Students

Carrollton-Farmers Branch is a good district, but it can do better. Board members need to be in touch with the students we have now, not those that we had decades ago. As the district takes on more students of diverse backgrounds, we need to acknowledge the new challenges we face so we can address them head on. 

Term Limits

The school board has no term limits. It's good to have committed board members, but keeping the same people in office will cause the district to become stagnant. In this rapidly changing world, we need people who are willing to take on new challenges in innovative ways. 

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